Case study

Arrowe Park Dental Practice

Arrowe Park Dental Practice did not have a website and was looking to grow the business and promote the services it provides online.

Website development

To develop the right website first and foremost the business needed a domain name to market and allow the business to move away from its core dentistry services and move into areas such as Botox without losing the familiarity of what the business does.

Client requirements

  • Introduce the benefits of choosing APDP
  • Promote the expertise of 9 members of the current team
  • Special offers section promoting services
  • Information about the history and philosophy of the practice
  • News about the business, latest products and services
  • Advice covering dental hygiene and diets etc.
  • Testimonials from clients

Project overview

The website needed to reflect the experience of the care, treatment and service received at Arrowe Park Dental Practice.

As dentistry has moved more into cosmetic industry offering treatments such as teeth whitening, some of the lines between dental and beauty treatments have been blurred. As a result services traditionally offered by dentists are now being promoted by beauty and cosmetic surgery clinics with some undermining the integrity of the profession.

TV programmes have helped and hindered this reputation with positive makeovers showing cosmetic dentistry in a positive light and makeover disasters showing the consequences of unprofessional practices.

Using the correct imagery, language and structure the site was able to reflect the clinical, professional, welcoming, and caring service which Arrowe Park Dental Practice provides.