Case study

Positive Touch

The Positive Touch website was originally developed back in 2009 and had served the client well over that period.

Website development

Of course, technologies and styles change and as such it was time for the Positive Touch site to evolve with greater functionality including e-commerce.

Client requirements

  • Move 100+ pages of Positive Touch content to WordPress
  • Create new visuals for the home and internal pages
  • Ability to switch between images and video for promotions
  • E-commerce functionality to sell vouchers and selected gift items products

Project overview

The previous site was developed using a content management system which is no longer supported so the decision was made to bring it over to the WordPress platform.

This involved exporting all of the old sites pages as an XML file and importing into WordPress, paying special attention to the meta tags and page slugs so that once the new site went live that anyone clicking onto a link from another site/search engine will arrive at the correct page.

The site was developed so that the homepage is extremely flexible, enabling the site manager to decide where promotions and testimonials etc appear.

E-commerce was a new addition to the site and was set up so that visitors can order gift vouchers online. Although no physical products are sold online at the moment, the option to sell physical products was included so that once the decision to sell had been made the products could go live immediately without having to come back to us to add the functionality.

Quite often looking ahead and investing now rather than later can save on costs substantially.