Case study

UK Military School

The UK Military School’s previous WordPress website had been built using a generic ‘page builder’ plugin which made it difficult for them to get it looking the way they wanted as they were constrained to what tools were available to them.

Website development & marketing materials

Another problem they had was that since the plugins for the site hadn’t been updated for some time the site had been hacked – not just the theme but the core files too.

Client requirements

  • Install a fresh, un-hacked version of WordPress
  • Design a new version of the site
  • Build the site using with a flexible layout which will enable the site manager to build pages the way they want them to look

Project objectives

First we had to ‘rescue’ what content we could from the old site along with any images and logos required for the new site.

Over the past year or so the site has evolved, most recently with the addition of the new ‘UK Military Academy’ brand; in essence the site is now dual-brand.

New photography has been added, showing the staff interacting with the students quite literally ‘in-the-field’, giving the site a significantly stronger impact than previously.