Case study


The Wheatsheaf of Whitchurch is a new pub and bed & breakfast embedded into the local community.

Website development

Providing real ales, traditional breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner, this traditional family pub is a friendly, welcoming place for regulars and visitors alike.

The website needed to mirror this, and when visiting the site the atmosphere and vibrancy of the pub needed to come across quickly.

Client requirements

  • Menu functionality, displaying Breakfast, lunch, afternoon, evening, bar snacks, drinks
  • “What’s on” page dedicated to the latest beers on tap and what has been on previously.
  • Rooms listings for 5 rooms, photos and descriptions of each

Project objectives

The Wheatsheaf site was developed using WordPress, a content management system which is extremely easy for people of all abilities to get the hang of.

Our extensive understanding of WordPress means that we’re able to adapt it and build comprehensive functionality to almost any site. In this instance we needed to enable the site manager to add and remove guest ales easily, as well as having room listings, special occasions and testimonials etc.