Website design and ecommerce

Ident Creative specialise in creating bespoke websites, incorporating e-commerce functionality and social media feeds which are fully search engine optimised.

Understand your customers

For some businesses your website may well be one of the very few ways customers can access your products and services (think Amazon or eBay).

For others you may always deal with clients face-to-face or over the phone (think salons, solicitors or financial services).

This determines how we approach the development of your website and why we want to understand as much about your customers and your business as we can. The principle being that your website, or any other marketing for that matter, should enhance the way your customers engage with you.


Developing your website

As we begin to put the detail to your website there are four very important areas to consider:

  • The layout and visuals of your website
  • The structure of your website
  • The content of your website
  • The functionality of your website

It’s important your website reflects your brand, your customers can find information they want quickly and we work within your budget. You may have very firm ideas in all of these areas of website development or you may want guidance and help.

Ident Creative’s knowledge, experience and expertise will ensure your website becomes an integral part of your business.


Website refresh

You have a website, you may have had it several years. Perhaps you’ve been adding pages and products, changing images, updating prices and managing it in all the ways you should.

Inevitably your business moves on, your competitors catch up and technological advances are made and you get to a point and think “we need to revamp our website.”

What can a refresh do for your business?

The search engines like it when you refresh your website. They want to show websites that are well maintained, up-to-date and fresh, amongst many other things. You have a great excuse to talk to your customers and introduce them to all your new features and products, which means an increase in sales.

Like many things in life, what was fantastic a couple of years ago is now a bit same old. A revamp is going to make sure your existing customers don’t drift off because there is nothing new for them to see.


Take full control of your site

We always ensure that our clients have full access to their sites. We don’t lock you out of your own site so if you want to edit your pages then you can easily do so.

A rock solid foundation

We build the majority of our sites using ‘WordPress’, a content management system used by over 60% of websites.

Originally intended to be a blogging platform, its ease of use, regular security updates and expandability meant that over the past few years it has developed into a more fully fledged system capable of handling everything from small, single-page sites through to large multi-page sites which can even include ecommerce functionality.

You retain ownership of your domain name

We’re finding that more often we’re having to help clients who have had a website designed and the original developer has retained ownership of their domain name.

Sometimes the developer is no longer trading or just disappeared, leaving the client in limbo and unable to change their hosting package or point the domain elsewhere.

When we develop a website we ensure that the client owns the domain name outright as well as the hosting account so they retain full control of their site.

Forward thinking

When we build a site we think ahead.

You may move premises, change phone numbers or email address and will need to update your details accordingly. Our sites are built so that changing any of these is a simple 2 minute job.

Log in, go to your business details page and update your details. Changes will be applied throughout your site as soon as you hit ‘save’.

Responsive from the outset

As the use of mobile phones and tablets have increased we’ve adapted our base framework so that all of our sites are now made mobile-friendly.

This means that on smaller screens the site will ‘adapt’ and restructure itself so it makes for a better user experience.

Secure and cost effective

Using WordPress we have a strong base upon which we can develop your site.

With security updates regularly rolled out your site is far less likely to be hacked.

It also means that the cost of developing a site from scratch reduces your site cost considerably, only requiring the custom functionality your business requires and (of course) the clean, user friendly design, training and support which comes as standard with every site we build.

We supply the full user experience

At Ident Creative we’re constantly looking at websites across many industries and as we jot down good ideas and take on-board new information we can suggest lots of great ideas and show proven examples of what we think would work for your business.

So, if you’re looking for new ideas for your website without necessarily starting from scratch call Ident Creative today on ‭07980 806370‬.